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An Arab Fall

This morning Fareed Sakaria noted the need to view the words of politicians as being politically motivated and within a political context.  When a politician speaks, we need to consider the intended audience and remember the political context.  Susan Rice, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, … [Read more...]

Leadership and Innovation: Engines for Economic Recovery

Two links, parts 1 and 2 of a lecture I gave to the University of Phoenix Leadership Colloquium.  500 doctoral learners and faculty from Phoenix's School of Advanced Studies registered.  I have another 10-20 minutes of responses to questions posed during the lecture and am constructing a document … [Read more...]

Are the United States and Western Europe subject to an “Arab Spring”?

In the August 22, 2011 issue of Time, Thornburgh, Adams, Assinder, Cooke, Mayer, and Grose (2011) noted some similarities between the economic situation in the United Kingdom, Egypt, Tunisia, and the United States. While Thornburgh et al. focused on the violence and unrest in the United Kingdom, he … [Read more...]

On unemployment, a moral imperative for business leaders – The Washington Post

  On unemployment, a moral imperative for business leaders - The Washington Post … [Read more...]

Now, can we get to the real problem?

For most of 2011, national lawmakers in Washington, DC have invested what seems to have been the vast majority of their time, and our attention, on the need to get the debt ceiling raised and the nation's revenues and expenses aligned.  Meanwhile, the economy flounders because business executives in … [Read more...]