Business ConsultingeProcesses Consulting emerged from a history of performance improvement consulting to a decade of helping companies integrate technology into personnel and processes to a current focus of changing companies and countries through strategy, implementation, and leadership. The transition has been gradual and intentional.

eProcesses Consulting and Companies – Current Industries
Our work with companies revolves around strategy, implementation, and leadership to create sustainable change and continuous improvement.

eProcesses Consulting has worked with gold and iron ore mining companies in North America, South America, and Africa. Our work in mining includes capacity gap analysis, balanced scorecard development and implementation, goal translation and alignment, process improvement, Six Sigma and Lean training and projects, and leadership, management, and organizational development.

We have reviewed historical operating data to identify historical and best demonstrated performance levels compared to required performance. The value here is that clients understand where performance bottlenecks exist in their operations to help with performance improvement prioritization. Clients also see where not poor alignment exists between existing process capacities, but also gaps exist between planned and likely performance levels based on real historical data.

We have taken the annual goals and objectives of the C-suite and translated them through all organizational levels. At the end of the translation process, all executive, managerial, and supervisory personnel have personal goals and objectives for the year that align and are consistent with the goals and objectives of the C-suite. After establishing personal goals and objectives, a specific action plan is created for each individual complete with due dates, progress reports, and accountabilities so that each individual knows precisely how they support the goals and objectives of the organization and the C-suite.

Manufacturing & Processing Companies
eProcesses Consulting’s experience in manufacturing and process industries extends to 1985. Our experience includes chemical companies, agriculture, food, and tobacco companies, printing and publishing companies, auto parts, construction, and sporting goods companies.

Retail, Wholesale, Financial & Service Companies
eProcesses Consulting’s experience in retail, wholesale, financial, and service companies began in 1976. Experience includes insurance, utilities, restaurants, furniture, telecommunications, hospitality, call centers, railroads,

Government Agencies
eProcesses Consulting’s experience with government agencies began in 1990. Experience includes city, county, and state agencies across the United States in planning, flood control, and healthcare.

eProcesses Consulting’s experience in not-for-profits began in 1997 and includes church and faith-based organizations, refugee resettlement and relief organizations, educational institutions, and organizations providing services for children and youth.

eProcesses Consulting and Countries
Strategy – Strategic planning for countries begins with an assessment of the needs and resources of the country (or of the region). Our role is facilitation. The leaders of the country must drive the identification and prioritization of the needs and resources. eProcesses can provide processes and tools based on our knowledge and experience, but we view it as irresponsible for us to tell national leaders how to solve their problems and address their issues. We restrict our role to helping leaders make appropriate choices based on competent analysis of available information.