Selling in Business Markets and Sales Force Improvement

selling business

It was not too long ago that the sales force had the information advantage over the customer or prospect. In today’s marketplace, business or consumer, the information advantage has largely disappeared. Fueled by the explosion of the Internet, today’s information-affluent would-be customers demand … [Read more...]

After 20 Years, Why Can’t We Still Get Along?


In 1991, news around the United States seemed dominated by news of and riots following Rodney King and the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). In the aftermath, Rodney King asked everybody in general and nobody specifically “Why can’t we just get along?” in 2011, the same question still applies, … [Read more...]

What I Expect of My Leaders

I choose my leaders in a variety of ways, by acts of commission and of omission. I elect some people to positions of leadership and whether I voted for them or not I still should expect them to lead. Other people assume positions of leadership that directly or indirectly influence my life and its … [Read more...]