Leadership, Economic Crisis and Stimulus, and Job Creation

Leaders worldwide somehow recognized the presence of an economic crisis in September 2008. The crisis was at least in part precipitated by poor leadership. Disagreement seems pervasive about the source and the specific indications of poor leadership. Some blame greed while others suggest the housing … [Read more...]

If Leaders Require Followers, How Do I Lead So That Others Will Follow?

At the risk of stating the obvious, if a person wants to become a leader, and, consequently, wants others to follow her or him, the would-be leader must provide the would-be followers with a reason to follow her or him. Some people label that reason “vision,” a term that has become controversial … [Read more...]

Can I Become A Leader?

During the past month or so on LinkedIn, a very active discussion continues to unfold about perceived distinctions between leaders and managers. Perhaps coincidently, a significant number of people, some new acquaintances and some long-term colleagues, have asked me how a person becomes a … [Read more...]

Willing Leaders and the Unwillingly Led

In discussions of how leaders can be recognized, a short answer is frequently proposed that an observer can recognize leaders by the presence of followers. Describing a person as a follower seems to imply that the follower, to at least some degree, is willingly adhering to the direction of the … [Read more...]

A New Year for Leadership

As 2010 begins, my hope for the year, and beyond, is that leaders will devote more time and energy to giving people positive reasons to follow them and, conversely, less time and energy to simply decrying or demonizing those who disagree with them. Regardless of political affiliation or national … [Read more...]